Welcome to the Cherel Valley Railroad.

A three rail O gauge layout in a thirty by fifty foot room incorporating three mainlines and serving a diverse selection of online industries.

The trackwork is Gargraves flextrack with turnouts by Ross and Curtiss.

Although hi-rail wheelsets are used all equipment both locomotives and rolling stock is O scale.

The period modeled covers both steam and diesel eras.

We hope you enjoy this short tour of the Cherel Valley Railroad.




Yard Buildings

Engine House

Machine Shop

Central City Cold Storage and Brewery

Central City Station

National Mills

Central Plastics

Wiggins Wagons & Wire

Black Rocks Mine

Black Rocks Corners

CVRR Freight House

Root Beer Brewery

Cherel Valley Main

Roundhouse Facilities

Skunk Hollow

Lodaluk Mining Co.

Bayside Siding

Old Town

Carbon Coke Ovens


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The managemnet wishes to thank illustrator Ted Williams for his help in creating the CVRR website.